Silverstone Half Marathon 2014

From here on in, I shall now be known as 9118 (my running number.)

Why am I running 13.1 miles? Easy. Someone I admire inspired me to set out to achieve something I, and probably many others, thought I could never do.

That person is my Dad.

I cannot explain how incredibly proud I am to have him as such an inspiration. I can honestly say without that inspiration, I would not being running this race and undoubtedly I would be a much bigger and unhealthier person!!
Its amazing how somebody’s aspirations and commitment can encourage you to excel yourself.

Now, I am by no means a ‘runner’ if thats the right way to put it. Im not going to run this is in record breaking time and I certainly wont do it with ease! As long as I do it running (not walking!) then thats ok with me!

Until recently, I was running this on my own. However, that changed when Dad showed me an email confirming his place to run along with me. I was overwhelmed to discover that the inspiration that started this in first place, will be there with me every ground pounding step of the way.

Some people run for charity. Some as a warm up for a bigger race.

My reason for running? To make my Dad and myself proud.